Niki Litts is a fine artist residing in Durham, North Carolina.


The work Niki makes is the by-product of a quiet internal process. Time spent with the materials, getting to know their limitations, composing all brings her much happiness. This also gives Niki the space she needs to decompress from the rigorous use of her left brain (hello, day job).

Niki's work, regardless of the form it takes, has always been about a connection to others. As a kid, she grew up very shy and perpetually lonely. It's no surprise she turned to art to help her navigate her complicated feelings about friendship, space, and self.


Niki is of the mind that fine art and art objects should be accessible. Generally, she sells directly to art buyers via the internet or alternative exhibit spaces.


Niki Litts' art is not hard or veiled in secret meaning. She strives to make pieces that she loves with the hope that someone out there will love them too.


Niki's inspiration comes from numerous sources. From the vibrance of Durham's art, music, and activist scene to the obsidian flows in central Oregon to ancient alchemy symbols. 


Niki obtained her BFA in painting & drawing from East Carolina University in 2002 and immediately continued with her education in Philadelphia, PA. In 2005, she graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art with her MFA. Much of her thesis work revolved around the connection between memory and our perceptions of reality.


An old romance drew the artist back to North Carolina from Philly after her graduate studies where complete. In the eastern part of the state Niki started work as a community arts management professional, curating exhibits, developing arts education programming and stumbling through diy marketing and design projects. 

This kind of work gave way to a similar position with a township in southern Wake County. However, after she nearly died of boredom, Niki chose to develop her digital art and communications skills. This eventually lead to a position as the creative director for an urban school district, then a senior creative associate at a local art hospitality company until she finally settled on project management as her day job. 

Niki currently spends her days as a project manager for New Media Campaigns where she works with an insanely talented group of website-maker people.