Niki Litts is a fine artist residing in Durham, North Carolina.


The work I make is the by-product of a quiet internal art practice. Time spent with materials, getting to know their limitations, and composing all bring me a lot of joy. 

Regardless of the form it takes, my work is all about connecting with others. As a kid, I grew up perpetually shy and lonely. So it's no surprise art became a way to navigate complicated feelings about friendship, space, and self. 


My work is not hard or veiled in cryptic meaning. I am drawn to beauty. I love creating beautiful things. But I do create from a place of curiosity about communication, visual language, dreams, nonlinear storytelling, and mysticism.


I obtained my BFA in painting & drawing from East Carolina University in 2002 and immediately continued my education in Philadelphia, PA. In 2005, I graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art with an MFA. 

Much of my thesis work revolved around the connection between memory and our perceptions of reality.