Black Mountain & Asheville: Happy 2 years to us!

September 15th marked our second wedding anniversary. I was going to write a post dedicated to what it's been like to be married to Curt. But we aren't a mushy couple and really, marriage has been a whole lot of work framed in jokes, two screaming dogs (yes, they do scream) and tacos. 

We didn't take a honeymoon. So we were long overdue for a trip for ourselves.

Curt and I have been on vacation plenty of times in the five and a half years or so we’ve been together. But all of them have been to visit friends, family, attend weddings, etc. Never a trip just because we wanted to go to the place. 

We booked a vacay to Asheville— a spot we had never been. I was jonesing for some time in the woods, Curt wanted to see about the city. Win win.

We also booked our first Airbnb, an amazing little suite deep in the wilds of Black Mountain, NC. The place was secluded, quiet and lulled you to sleep at night with an extravagant orchestra of bug sounds that became part of the fabric of the physical space. The hosts were amazing! 

And so commenced four days of eating, hiking waterfalls, art gazing, city prowling, painting in my underwear, watching movies and playing puzzle games late into the night.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the trip!

And then we got back home to Durham and hung out in opposite rooms for the next 24 hours. I read Harry Potter. Curt played the new Destiny expansion. Yay marriage.

Niki Litts