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Iron Yard Exhibit July 15- Aug. 31, 2017
Reception: July 28, 6:30- 8:30

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Step 1: Call the Iron Yard: (919) 424-6055

Let the venue know that you are interested in one of the pieces from the show and make sure it's still available. If it is, make sure you get ask to mark the piece as SOLD. 


Step 2: Payment

Paypal is the recommended method of payment for this show but I am happy to make other arrangements. I have accounts with a few apps like Stripe and Venmo. Checks, cash... whatever you need, we can make it happen. 

PayPal Email: Nikilitts@gmail.com


Step 3: Pick Up

All work needs to remain at the Iron Yard for the duration of the exhibit. Apologies. But, come Aug. 31, you are welcome to pick up your piece from the venue. However, what will most likely play out is this— I will pick up the pieces from the show and make arrangements with you after Aug. 31 for pick up from Durham.

Of course, if you need to make special arrangements, I am happy to oblige.


Need to reach me for questions?

Phone: (919) 608-7166
Email: Nikilitts@gmail.com

*I will totally let your call go to voicemail if I don't have you as a contact in my phone. Please, leave me a message and I'll call you back (AND add you as a contact in my phone).